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DIY, blogging, YouTube – That’s me!

Hey! I am Leonie and I am a passionate do-it-yourself lady with love for shabby chic, vintage and industrial design. Painting, sewing or redesigning complete rooms with self-made furniture, I love to create lifestyle with a special and unique charm.

I am convinced that you can do everything, when you have the courage to just do it! I live the motto “If you can dream it, you can do it!” and with this attitude I already have done plenty of great things and projects on my own. And you can also do it! Just try! Get the work pants on and go for it! I will show you how! 😊

I live together with my always supporting husband and my three wonderful chaotic cats in the western part of Germany near the Rhein. I am constantly puttering around, painting, crafting and collecting new ideas. I love to completely restyle old or boring things, try out new materials and tools and to learn new techniques. I am happy to share my experiences with you and I am always happy to receive pictures from your latest projects!

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My DIY Blog

How do I create shabby chic furniture and home accessories by myself? What is chalk paint? And what is so special about it? And what is chalk wax in addition? And how do I use it preferably? Is it difficult to implement such a shabby chic do-it-yourself project all by myself?

If you want to design your own shabby chic furniture and you have questions like that, then you are perfectly right on my web page!

If you are creative and take delight in do-it-yourself projects, you can design your own pieces of furniture and create your personal home decoration in a minimum of time. On this web page I show you how you do that, what you need for it and which projects I already implemented. If you have questions or suggestions, those are always welcome! The world of shabby chic is big and you can discover something new every day!